Friday, 15 March 2013

Trailer: Alan Partridge: The Movie (2013)

AHA! (Sorry, we don’t say that anymore) It could have been any of the following titles for his big screen debut:

“The Norfolk Fracture”


“Hectic Danger Day”

“Chap Of Steel”

“Colossal Velocity”

But finally, Alan Partridge settled for “Alpha Papa” despite it sounding ‘foreign’.

The first teaser trailer for Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa is largely unfunny but the fact that we’re seeing a teaser is excitement enough. Like all good teasers, nothing much is given away but we are told that Alan will be ‘in a siege at a radio station’ which suggest a suitable silly plot for everyone’s favourite DJ at North Norfolk’s leading digital radio station.

What we know from other sources is that Michael, Lynn, and Dave Clifton will all return to support or antagonise Alan, and the film features one of the slowest car chases ever!

Let’s hope for a better trailer in a few months so we can start quoting like ruddy mentalists until it’s release on August 7.

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